Loving Yourself and self care are synonymous

In this day and age, we often are so busy with life we forget to take care of ourselves.  Taking time for yourself is essential to maintain a healthy life and be strong enough to care for your loved ones.

At Soul Solutions, we focus on the energies of your body to create a very unique and individualized plan to help you identify all natural care options to help your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  This can include retreats, treatments and services in our offices and also how to accomplish this with techniques you can use in your own home

How Soul solutions sxm can assist

I am committed to  a vision that educates individuals to take an active role in their personal health care, become in tune with their bodies, and learn to trust their own intuition on the direction their lives should take. I believe when we are strong mentally, physically, and spiritually “We can do, be, or have anything we desire”.  Classes and personal coaching are available related to energy work, stress management, relaxation, natural body healing and personal empowerment. Many times it is just a matter of asking lots and lots of questions and getting comfortable with letting go of the past and taking on a new solid plan.


 Meet  Dr. Barb Tremlett


Teacher, Healer, Coach

Originally from St. Louis Missouri in the US, Dr. Barb lived in Nashua, NH for over 30 years. She has a diverse work background, working Civil Service, owning a daycare center, working in healthcare and as a facility manager.

Dr. Barb has completed her PhD and graduating in Sedona Arizona in May 2019 from University of Sedona. Her  specialization is Metaphysical Counseling. She has a Masters in Business, a Masters in Metaphysics. She is a well rounded Holistic Life Coach that currently teaches many retreats including many topics including Certification for Holistic Life Coaching.  She is trained as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and is actively practicing and teaching.

Dr. Barb has been active in supporting many non-profit organizations though the years she lived in the US and is currently becoming involved on the island.

Dr. Barb  specializes in Self Confidence, Wellness Overview Consultations, Stress Management and Spirituality.  She has been teaching for over 20 years and began a private life coaching practice in 2012 called, The Beginner’s Expert, specializing in teaching tools for self care and life long health, confidence and happiness. She  is a sought after speaker for her expertise in the field of quantum, metaphysics and was requested as a speaker for  the Fifth Annual Conference on Building a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence and was honored to speak on“Understand Peace Through Self Love.”

In her recent past Dr. Barb ran a small business incubator out of her facility, The Holistic Self Care Center. The Southern New Hampshire Consortium of Holistic Practitioners and Wellness Providers was created in 2010 for individual business owners that want to work in a synergistic work environment to increase their business through infra-referrals, team approaches, cross programming and group marketing plans. She is hopeful to bring this concept to the island also by building relationships with many different typed of providers.

Dr.Barb has received many awards through the US Chamber of Commerce, her local city and the US SBA.

Her goal on Sint Maarten is to see clients, teach classes, workshops and retreats and assist in the community holistic health concepts of the body, mind and spirit.

Next Steps…

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If you want things in your life  to change you have to change the things in your life.  Just waiting is NOT the answer…….

A problem cannot be solved with the same energy that created it.

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