Holistic Life Coaching Certification

Dr. Barb Tremlett, PhD         Soul Solutions SXM

If you are drawn to helping people with your words and you find that you can feel and understand where they need help, you are probably an empathetic coach. There are many people in life that are just naturals at being able to intuitively understand when they hear someone in pain speak. They are the go to person in the office or at church. They are the friend that is always “listening “ to other peoples problems and helping them out. They are natural coaches.

What is a Holistic Life Coach? Coaching is leading a person to find their answers to their questions in a multilevel approach. Holistic is addressing the questions from the Mental, Physical, Emotions and Spiritual directions. It is listening for the core issue(s) and honing in on how ”this individual life” needs some assistance.

In my experience as I strived to be the best coach I could I recognized a problem. The courses I was looking at to become fully educated were missing pieces in order for me to make it more than a calling but also a business. Running a business meant I needed to know the legal aspects, the ethical lines, confidentiality and how do I market myself? I wanted to understand the basics of the body and of course the way to speak in order to be understood and listen so the client felt heard.

But, there was more. I comprehended the body has many aspects and just asking questions was not good enough. I am not a believer in traditional psychotherapy. I do not believe you must hash over the past to change the future. I believe you need to learn from the past but use new tools to create change to go into the future fruitfully.

I wanted to understand the body energies and the many ways that it worked together throughout the many systems in the body and I wanted to understand the neuroscience of it and the metaphysical ways it all came together.

There was nothing that came close to what I believed was a full holistic wellness consult where you could gather information and after creating a plan, working with the client then show quantifiable results. So as my Momma use to say, “If you are asking who will create this? Then you must be the one that creates it, Get to work.” So I did.

What was created was a tool called The Matrix. It is a interviewing tool that can be used on the first visit to gather information and will quantifiable show results as you go through your coaching session.

As a client, family member or friend enters that sacred space with you as a natural coach you want to prepared and know that you are hearing the language they are speaking in, what they are rally requesting help with and if what they are suffering with is actually not even the real problem. The Matrix can assist you in staying on a path that insures you will not miss the small nuances that are there to be uncovered.

During Holistic Life Coaching Certification you learn:

  • The Matrix Information Gathering System
  • Wellness Consult intakes
  • Law of Attract and other Universal Laws and how they work
  • Placebo Effect
  • Motivation versus Inspiration
  • Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Energetic Explanations
  • Comparative Languages
  • Choosing Your Specialty
  • Business Plan, Ethics, Boundaries, Marketing, Reference and Data Collection, Legal Wording, Client Referrals
  • Metaphysical explanation for physical dis-ease and medical issues
  • Impacting Discussions on Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity

Holistic is the approach to look at several avenues at the same time.

Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual avenues are all addressed together.

The impact of this training program is MULTI-FOLD:

  1. Gives you the confidence to speak to clients with knowledge and from an experiential point of view.
  2. Gives you the certification to be recognized for your accomplishments.
  3. Clear “Date Collection Tools” for accuracy.
  4. Clearer understand of building trust with clients
  5. Calculator directed at the core reasons of dis-ease while addressing symptoms naturally without side effects.
  6. Tunes your intuition and innate abilities to recognize energies that are off in the body and a large variety of tools to assist in the healing process.
  7. Educates you to speak in different coaching languages in order for all clients to feel equally heard and respected.
  8. Addresses the health of the clients from multiple avenues of physical, metaphysics and spirituality.
  9. Advanced education on over 100 modalities, methods and tools.
  10. Clear pre-proven home care and home work tools.
  11. Assist business building and marketing process, includes building referral teams.
  12. Follow up programming to assist with your continued growth in your field.


If you believe that this program may be the one you are looking for please contact:

Dr, Barb at dr.barbsxm@soulsolutionssxm.com call or WhatsApp +1721-581-7361


The world needs great Holistic Life Coaches. All current training’s are held on the island on Sint Maarten and are considered Destination Educational Retreats.

See website for details. Next Program is April 9-15th, 2020. Students must fly in on or before April 8th  and out on or after the April 16th.