Teachings From the Hillside

is a program specifically to answer questions. Questions about how to find passion, do our thoughts really effect our reality and if they do, how? How can a body be so sick when a person feels they are doing everything so right? What is energy medicine, chakras, and aromatherapy and why does it work? What is a biofield and why do scientist compare information of spirituality? Learn many answers from a science AND spiritual point of view.

Join us for informative questions and answers programming; bring a question, interact in conversation or just simply listen in to this monthly series of responses. It is meant to open you up to the possibilities of “What If?”

This program is a 60 to 90  minute program and the fee is $15 per person. The teacher, facilitator is Dr. Barb Tremlett, PhD in Metaphysical Counseling.

This programming is temporarily on hold……


Reiki and Energy Medicine Introduction

is a monthly meeting to answer questions about energy and how it works, it shares how Reiki works and the basics of how it is used. Join us in this class to ask the beginners questions of what it is good for, and how to do it at home. You will learn where it began, ways it can be used and how each person can personally begin using it immediately if they wish.

This program is 30 minutes and is no charge. The teacher, facilitator is Dr. Barb Tremlett, PhD in Metaphysical Counseling.


Reiki IN-DEPTH Focus

The best way to improve a skill is to practice that skill. All past students and Reiki I practitioners are invited to practice on one another. Please call and confirm to insure space is available. $10 donation.

Reiki I Training

is open to all person that are ready to begin to learn, use and practice a form of healing energy medicine. From blood pressure to headaches, from emotional issues and depression, to body aches and pains you can make a difference. Learn about the body’s biofield, how visualization and meditation really work and why things you smell or music you listen to can be effecting your life without you even knowing.

After completing this program the student will be able to do Reiki on people, animals and plants and grow in their experience as they practice.

Day of event snacks, a meal and beverages are provided. Must come in relaxed clothing and open to a full day of change. Cost $150 per person, Space limited to 8 students. Certification will be given. The teacher, facilitator is Dr. Barb Tremlett, PhD in Metaphysical Counseling.

Classes and All day programs are a great way to get a taste for what you are craving in your life. Taste testing is GOOD…


 Past PROGRAMMING from 2019…..


Meditation evenings with Dr. Barb – 3rd Tuesday of the Month 2020

All programs on hold due to world issues. BUT I am ready when you are!!!



The “Let’s Talk”  Program, The Things That Matter.

Please join me for an open conversation on things that matter. People have been asking the questions. This program can be perfect for your starting point to find answers to your questions, topics of conversation include:

  • How to find your Calling
  • Awakening your Passion
  • Finding your Success in relationships, finance, health and emotionally
  • How to feel your Happiness and find Peace
  • Self-Confidence
  • Stress Management
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Identify What is missing in your life?      This is finding the key to your success.          Open to all ages.        Dates are driven by request.

Location: W. G. Buncamper Road, #4, Unit 13. “Plaza” building

Building next to Caribbean Liquors,Just opposite of SZV

Ignite the Passion.

What is it that you are desiring most in you life? A dream career, a new home, a special someone, or a great healthy body are all waiting in the wings. Let’s talk about the clues on how to turn on the magic and reduce the self sabotage. Everyone in attendance will receive a chance for a free Aromatouch Massage.

Held at Pina Beach Bar in Philipburg on

Date is driven by request.

Cost $10  and the purchase of a drink.


Staying Calm even through the Drama

(yes it is possible)

How do some people get so upset so fast and others always stay calm? Great question. And the answers are….
Join us Monday June 24th at 6:30 for a 60- 75 minutes discussion, guidelines and tricks to staying calm even in the most heated situations.
Program to beheld at Pina Beach Bar lounge area in Philipsburg. Cost $10 donation and the cost of your favorite drink. (avg 6$ per beverage)