What is a One-on-One?


When you are ready to spend the time and energy on yourself then you are ready for one-on-one. You are an energetic being and if you continue to empty your body of energy and at the same time not filling it up equally, sooner or later you will become depleted.

Investing in your body and health is easy when you are ready to do the work.

If you are having emotional issues, healthy problems, body aches and pains or dealing with others that are draining you it is important to find the tools to help yourself.

If you don’t keep you strong you will not be able to help others.

A one-on-one is a confidential appointment that looks at where you and where you want to go. It helps you see patterns of unhealthy habits and assist you in finding, learning and using tools to help you become successful in your daily routines, business and family environment.

Please book by calling Dr. Barb at +1721-581-7361 or WhatsApp, or email to Dr.BarbSXM@SoulSolutionsSXM.com.