All retreats are meant to be all-inclusive. You will have no concerns for your logistics, your food, sleeping arrangements and entertainment. You will have free time to see local areas if you desire that will be arranged as a group or you may choose to venture out on your own. This is an all inclusive get away with all the benefits of changing your life in a safe, nurturing, and supported environment, while having a great time in paradise. We are looking forward to sharing the island life and watching you evolve into “the you” that is already awaking inside you!

Each program has different nuances and teachings; please speak with me if having difficulty finding the right match.

Love and light,

Dr. Barb

all upcoming dates to be announced in June 2021…. Than k you for your patience.

 Metaphysics 101


Couples Bonding 


Stepping Into Your Greatness and Self Confidence


Holistic Life Coaching Certification


Peace From Within- Spiritual and Meditation Self Love Retreat


Next Steps…

For more information on programs, dates, fees or suggestions please Dr. Barb at +1721-581-7361