Couples Bonding Retreat

Life is fast and we are here to enjoy. But what if the one you picked is getting on your last nerve or your relationship is growing apart? The love you started with can be grown to a new height if you are desiring it. Life is filled with ups and downs and how we handle it makes or breaks our happiness and our relationships. There is no blame there is only growing back together.

This retreat provides a clearer communication, a renewed sense of self and “us”. It accentuates and releases your powers of seductiveness and releases the sadness of what was or what could have been and see the true place of love where you stand.

Life can pull us in many directions but here we stop and we find those hidden treasures in each other again.

What to expect; Too many fun things to share in an email but…

This event, as all of our events, is an all-inclusive.

Ocean and island tour, beach, sand, dancing, adult beverages and local cuisine.


Please call and speak with Dr. Barb for intimate details. Whether spicing up your life, creating more open communication or just wanting creative time alone you have picked the best place to expand you relationship.