Metaphysics 101

After 20 years of searching the country for the topics that turned me on and I knew in my soul held some of life’s big secrets I am complete. Now I want to gift those that have the craving like me to learn. Please do not spend decades looking for the answers, searching here and there for pieces of the answer. This program will assist you in understanding the basics of many topics and assist you in finding the keys that turn you on. We all came to find and play and live our passion. In the US this was a 10 month program. We will attempt to provide you with enough infomration to you to feel solid when you leave the island.

Topics; Chakras, Meridians, Crystals, Aromatherapy, General energy basics, Brain Wave Entrainment, Astral Travel, Reincarnation, Past Life Regressions, Aura’s, Telepathy, Angels, Understanding the Mental/Physical/Emotional/ Spiritual/Energitic Bodies, ESP, Reiki, Gaia Mother Earth Energy, Visualization Relaxation Techniques, Forgiveness, Breath and Breathing, Sleep and Healing – Other topics many be added.

There will also be downtime when we go out on ocean, shopping or dancing. This is a fun filled, passionate uncovering or what you are seeking.

This is a standard retreat so it is all-inclusive and we will keep you very busy and very happy.