Peace From Within

Welcome to Peace From Within- This program to discuss and create experiential learning on communication with your higher self. The topics introduced will vary and be integrated with our main goal, which is clear communication. During this journey you will build confidence in yourself and your gifts, open your passion and untimatley understand your purpose. This natural exoctic classroom environment will give structure to allow this information to freely flow. Topics that are covered are explained at a basic understanding of energy and how it flows between humans and the higher self.

We will include education on mederiians and chakras, along with other related topics.

There will be a variety of meditations, yoga and energy exercises taught to stimualte your opening of energetic flow. Your ultimate goal is to have clearer communication with your Divine. Listen to understand and speak to be heard. There will be fun and practice and a few offsite entertainments.

Daily programs will have Meditation and Prayer. This is clearly the correlation of speaking and listening which are the necessary components to to clear communication and the ultimate peace we are seeking.