Reiki I&II, Abundance

Understand life’s energy, chi, ki, prana or whatever the name is that you picked, it is an amazing gift. This program is specifically for those that are ready to learn, play, experience and practice live energy. Whether you are a first time person or you were certified long ago and want to begin again this is a great program for you.

My personal belief is that all humans should be attuned to Reiki energy. It was our birthright to understand how the world of energy works and now even more to use it on family, friends, animals, plants and the earth.

This program will cover Reiki I and Reiki II certification along with understanding how to use the energy of abundance to enhance our lives and pocketbooks. We are here to stand in our glory, to feel peace, freedom and accept we are a part of the futures unfolding. Abundance, such as money, is not bad, it creates opportunity to help others and to live in comfort. We will create some great vortexes of abundance during our program completion.

Manuals given and certifications will be given out on the last day as we graduate into fun and wisdom.

This event, as all of our events, is an all-inclusive.

Ocean and island tour, beach, sand, dancing, adult beverages and local cuisine.