Destination Retreats are two fold. Take a vacation to an exotic land and enhancing your life in a beautiful, powerful way.

Which retreat is right for you?  As we know when we are in the daily chaos of life it is hard to create new patterns or to fully immerse ourselves into a topic of desire.

These specific retreats were chosen for a reason.


Peace From Within, Spirituality, Meditation and Self Love

Take the time to hear yourself and what your body needs for inner peace. Be inspired to connect to the universal light through breath, quiet and relaxation. Begin to remember what pleases you and how it makes you feel. Balance and health will always follow.


Stepping Into Your Greatness, Self Confidence, Stress Management and Spirituality

To step into the fullness of who you are and why you came to this beautiful earth will give you freedom to create a powerful life. To truly see yourself and the intelligent, powerful person you are is one a step away. First fall in LOVE with you.


Holistic Life Coaching Certification, Confirming Natural Coaching Calling and Passion

For natural born coaches looking for a proven guideline to follow are in the perfect place. If this the direction you are seeking and it is seeking you be prepared for life changing results. While training to coach others you will awaken something new inside of you.


Couples Bonding, Awakening a Powerful Relationships

Reviving a deep powerful feeling inside of your internal being is where we begin. Remembering love and the passion that can leap over mountains. Separating you from your environment and recreating a burning desire for connection.


Metaphysics 101, Basics of Energy, Tools and Techniques

Everything is energy. How do we transmute it, move it, or manipulate it and change it into something to serve others and the world is the teaching. Learn basics of vibration, and the tools that can assist you. Education on crystals, auras, chakras and many others forms of energy that are used in everyday life that most humans do not know about of even comprehend.


Reiki I, II and Abundance, Learning Power of Energy and Life Changing Abundance

Learning how to feel better in your body is very important, helping those around you to be at peace, high healthy and open is gratifying. Let’s go further into manipulating energy and creating abundance in every way. How it can create freedom and balance in your life is easier than we are told.