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Join Dr. Barb Tremlett for Free Introduction in a class about energy, Reiki, natural ways to health and healing. Energy is everywhere; let’s talk about it. Reiki is a relaxing, stress-relieving, and healing energy for the body. Let’s learn how to works. It develops self-confidence for helping others. Learn the history and some amazing uses of this ancient practice. These classes go beyond just Reiki. We will also discuss energy, a little metaphysics and maybe even a little neuroscience. The point is there is a lot to talk about. Please join us under the Garden Pavilion on the SXM Hillside Plantation for some great life changing conversations on Reiki, Energy and other curiosity seekers topics. Lets get this going again!!!!

Certification Reiki I – Next classes will begin in June 2021

I personally believe that every human should take Reiki I for the knowledge and hands on understanding of the natural abilities in all humans. Not just some humans, all humans have this natural energy flow and can share it with friends and loved one. Its natural and you never have side effects!

I have taught Reiki ages 8 to 73. I have taught hundreds of students from all over the world and the results are always amazing!

Reiki I – In June, 2021. Date to be chosen.

Reiki II – will be held in September, Date to be chosen.

We use the word heal, to clarify, we offer to the receiver energy to assist in their body’s healing itself. The Reiki practitioner is the conduit of the flowing energy that the receivers body uses for its healing.


Holistic Life Coaching CertificationAre You Ready?  October 2021

See details, under Programs. This program is truly life changing. As soon as we have confidence that the world is open we will announce the dates.


Peace From Within,  Meditation, Spirituality and Self Love Retreat,  October 2021

This program can take up to 10 students only.

See details, under Programs


Our Approach

All Natural, all the time. Teaching tools for the most amazing body, mind and spirit.

Taking a holistic approach is rewarding yourself. When you are healthy you can be the best for yourself, your family, your friends and your community!

We address your most amazing body mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Life is too short to not be your best. Let us help you!

Soul Solutions SXM is here for one-on-one appointments, education programming, seminars and retreats.

Learn about how to be in charge of your thoughts, your behaviors and your destiny. It is YOUR life!


Learning new things can be fun and rewarding!

Your experience can be:

One-on-one private or family sessions

Seminars or Workshops

or even Get Away Retreats


Coaching or Hands on Treatments



Seminars or workshops

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The key to change is desire and commitment.